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Welcome to Bendigo City FC! We are entering our second year in the Victorian National Premier league we welcome you to the club as a player, family member , supporter or sponsor.





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Bendigo City FC – May 2017
June 7, 2017

To The Bendigo Football Community

As we now approach the half way point in the season there is no doubt we are in full Football mode. The junior teams have continued to stride forwards with almost all outfits managing wins over the last month impressing on a number of fronts as we continue to show our progression towards becoming competitive with every team we play. 

The under 12 side has continued to flourish without a week going by where they do not secure at least one win whether at home or away all over Victoria both Coaches Darcy Tucker and Steve Robinson can be congratulated for what is being done with this group.

Louise McColl and her Under 13s got up 1-0 against Werribee last weekend with their first win of the season, a well deserved result for the youngest of the 11 a side teams a clear display of the hard work that has been put in.

The Under 14s continue to develop under the Professorial leadership of Marcus Dawson, their understanding of the game and fluid patterns of play are a sign of the bright future this group has ahead of them. They have shown no fear going up against all opposition with the fire in their belly and determination in their eyes. A good example of the positive work going on in this group is the inclusion of Darcy McRostie in the Melbourne City Under 18 side as a training player which is very exciting news.

Despite a few tough weeks at the office Pete Lodewijks and his Under 15 boys have grown in understanding, ability and confidence throughout the year. They have put on a number of fine displays and no doubt will continue to show their talent throughout the remainder of the season. 

A recent late winner to see the the Under 16s go up 2-1 at home to Werribee with what could have been labelled goal of the season after a fine pattern of play saw Nick Williams strike the ball from outside the box in the final moments of the game to give Dave Gibbs and his side their third win of the season. 

After what has been a tough year for the Under 18 side there is no doubt that a 1-0 win at Geelong was the highlight for Joseph Failla and his troops. The side managed a late winner away in wet and muddy Geelong to seal 3 points and their first victory of the season. The group has been troubled by injury however their hard work and discipline has never been questioned. The right processes are in place and the group has developed hugely throughout the year.

The Under 20 side continues to compete week in week out with an array of close matches and top performances. Grant Lane has worked furiously with the boys and they continue to provide up and coming players for the senior side. It has been a tireless effort from Grant and his players and we look forward to the remainder of the season with a few wins just around the corner. 

As the transfer window opens and the Seniors continue their push to avoid relegation their is a sense of belief around the club. It may have been a tough year but there is no doubt that the energy in training and around the rooms has lifted significantly with the arrival of a number of new players including 2 players signed from USA in an attempt to push above the drop zone. Heath Trethan and his hard working assistants Peter Lodewijks and Simon Horne (Goalkeeping Coach) has no doubt added his own flavour to the side and after two competitive performances against the top two sides we are full of confidence going into the final stretch of the season. 

With the juniors set for the return leg of their fixtures it will be a great chance to show the improvement that has taken place throughout the season as we continue to grow as a footballing community. We have a very exciting Friday Night Lights event on the 16th June at Epsom Huntley which will culminate in the inaugural President’s X1 vs Bendigo City U18 fixture. This will see a select group of Bendigos finest Local talent with Under 21 players from all BASL clubs taking part. Head Coach of the Presidents X1 Ryan Pollard will be excited to put his side on show in what will be a great showing of the close relationship between the Bendigo Amateur Soccer League and Bendigo City FC. 

I wish all the boys and girls the best with their country championships, local fixtures and NPL games this weekend. Remember to keep practicing and never forget. Football comes First. 

Yours In Football, 

Freddie Seccombe
Technical Director




Bendigo City FC – April 2017
April 26, 2017

To The Bendigo Football Community, 

After another month of football we can now truly say the season is underway and everyone is in full swing with the NPL season so far. We have seen a great variety of results and performances from teams in all age groups throughout the first rounds of the season. We have competed with sides like Hume City who are reputed as one of the strongest Victorian clubs, for this the boys and girls can be very proud of themselves and the clear improvement that is coming from the hard work put in by players, parents and coaches. 

Despite a competitive performance across most age groups throughout the season sometimes a lack of ability to keep intensity for the whole game is a downfall. Often the first or second half is incredibly close however the other we give other sides the opportunity to capitalise on mistakes and get a comfortable lead. A good focus for the coming month will be to maintain effort, concentration and intensity for the full matches across all age groups and hopefully turn those close losses and draws into victories. 

With the movement in the senior side it is good to welcome local Heath Trathern who is currently the Head Coach of the First X1 and putting in strides with his ably equipped technical team to fight a difficult relegation battle. The side have seen a number of good performances in recent weeks however are awaiting their first victory and hopefully with all the right processes in place it will only be a matter of time before this is visible in results. 

The club along with BASL ran its first Holiday Programs which were a great success and will continue to operate during the school holidays as the year progresses. We have also opened up a SAP program which runs Mondays and Friday nights 430-6pm at Epsom and we welcome any late comers who wish to sign in to contact td@bendigocityfc.com.au so we can facilitate the registration process. 

Another great month in Bendigo and I wish you all the best for the coming fixtures including Ballarat this weekend which is always a Country Derby (of sorts!) 

I look forward to seeing you all down there and to continue seeing each and every child improving week in week out! 

Yours In Football, 

Freddie Seccombe
Technical Director
BASL + Bendigo City 



Bendigo City FC – NPL Rd2 / Rd3 2017
March 20, 2017

To The Bendigo Football Community, 

With under 1 month until the start of the local junior season and three rounds into the NPL season football is well and truly upon us in this early stage of the year. Over the past two weeks we have seen huge improvements across all age groups with some incredibly close fixtures and some hard fought contests. 

The support has continued to be impressive not only the number of parents attending but the behaviour which helps create the correct environment for our players to develop on the field. Although sometimes I understand passion overflows, I advise us all to remain calm, breath deep and trust in the officials, staff and our children for the correct on field outcome.

With St Albans and the Sunshine George Cross we faced too tough sides who were both equipped throughout the age groups to compete with sides from all over Victoria. As a group Bendigo showed an ability to fight back from behind, shift the momentum of games and create chances from all areas of the field. It feels as though all teams are the better side for 40-60% of the matches but maintaining that intensity and energy for 100% of the match is a challenge. 

Week by week I have already seen this improve and our Under 18s were a prime example of improvement against Sunshine Cross, unlucky to go down in the final minutes but creating goals, defending well and putting themselves in a position to win a thriller. 

As we draw closer to the start of the season, the opening of the SAP programs and the local fixtures the football buzz continues to rise. It will be a very important year for those involved with football in Bendigo and I just hope the same clear message rings out to all the kids in the region. Have Fun At Football! Thats Why We Do It. 

Finally A great effort from our senior team who went down to a very strong Altona Magic side in the FFA Cup. It was a good effort from the boys and we were unfortunate in defeat. Hopefully next weekend the seniors will be brining 3 points home against fellow NPL2 side Werribee. 

The Juniors will be on our first away day in Melbourne. Please remember we all represent the club and on a larger level Bendigo in each and every away fixture. Lets wear the correct uniforms, behave in the correct way both on and off the field and enjoy the opportunity to travel and play some of the best clubs and kids in Victoria. 

All the best for the coming week! 

Yours In Football, 

Freddie Seccombe
Technical Director
Bendigo City FC + Bendigo Amateur Soccer Association 




Bendigo City FC – NPL Round 1 2017
March 7, 2017

To The Bendigo Football Community, 

After our first Super Saturday I feel as though my confidence in the potential of Football here in Bendigo has risen greatly. A great amount of support from the local community and a huge effort from kids across the board in all the groups from the Under 12 9 a siders to the Senior First Grade side who were unfortunate not to clinch a victory in a hotly contested 1-1 draw against Richmond. 

A big thanks must also be put out to the travelling Avondale parents, players and coaches who were highly competitive and professional in the way they carried themselves. We wish them all the best of luck for the remainder of the season and look forward to the return leg in the coming months. 

Two observations from the weekend on things we can do better as a community are making sure we arrive on time and considering what is the best for the kids bodies. If you want to be an athlete at any level you need to behave like an athlete in all walks of life. Not just two nights a week and one day on the weekend. 

  • Timeliness for Training and Matches (Across the board from U12-Senior Squad)
    ‘Arrive 10 minutes before the time you are told’ 
  • Consider your body as your machine 
    ‘Drink lots of water, sleep correctly, eat correctly and make sure you don’t overwork yourself!’
    ‘Maximum Freshness Minimum Fatigue Maximum Effort = Maximum Performance Outlay’

Thanks to everyone for their attendance over the weekend and hard work to get the season up and running. I am very excited for the coming weeks both with the NPL season up and running and the start of the BASL year along with some exciting new programs and holiday camps. 

Finally I must congratulate Epsom FC on their efforts representing Bendigo in the FFA Cup. They were unfortunate to face a hard fought defeat 3-2. They came back gallantly after being 2-0 down at half time and showed great spirit and ability to almost pull it back for a draw. A great effort to progress through to this stage of the competition and great to see the success of the BASL clubs at a  local community level! Well Done Bendigo!! 

All the best for the coming week!

Yours In Football, 

Freddie Seccombe
Technical Director 
Bendigo City FC + Bendigo Amateur Soccer League 



Bendigo City FC is a new club in the Victorian NPL in 2015. Sponsored by the Bendigo Bank and supported by the City of Greater Bendigo, and local businesses, junior footballers and their families. Volunteers have rolled up their sleeves to get behind the club and ensure our local junior footballers have a presence in the Victorian National Premier League and a pathway to fulfill their dreams of playing at the highest level. But more than that we aim to be a club where the players feel they belong.

The world game is alive and kicking at the highest level in Central Victoria.